Bake Comfort Food: A Way to Improve Moods

There are recent studies that said that food could change and help improve the mood of an individual. People can forget what they are suffering from, or how bad their day was. Usually, comfort food can help to balance your mood. One of the best things to do is to bake your comfort food. This may give you the feeling that you can only get when baking. One of the popular desserts that anyone can make is cake. According to Dr. Walford Thomas, the body demands sugar. This can help the human brain to lessen the chemicals of stress released by our body. Sugar is an alternative to calm our mind and body as well. However, too much sugar in the body is not a healthy way of living. Thus, there are many ways to make your comfort food more healthily.

baked comfort food

Does your baked comfort food help improve your mood? There are a lot of people that describe baked comfort food in helping them to have a great sense of mood. They can forget what they are going through, and this is because of the food. Humans gravitating towards certain comfort food is due to the positive connection — this all about what comfort they get after eating the food. Comfort food has the power to decrease feelings of rejection and isolation. Today, there is some explanation which says it’s not about the food that can give you comfort — however, the mind of an individual which is linked to the comfort food.

Top reasons to bake comfort food. Your comfort food will depend on your choice and how your mind is linked to the food. Certain food have nostalgic feelings around them.

To feelgood.This is the main reason why people around the world choose to bake their comfort food. Eating food which is high in fat, sugar or salt activates the brain’s function. It can effectively change your mood. Generally, it will help increase pleasant feelings and can lessen tension. It’s said that foods that are highly palatable can activate certain brain regions. Eating a comfort food might be a risk to your health but can give you a good feeling of satisfaction.

Comfort food as self-medication. Another reason a lot of people look forward to eating comfort food is the self-care they feel. There is a connection in having negative emotions and foods. Experts called this situation emotional eating. They choose to bake their comfort food as they believe it will lessen their burdens. Most people suffering from a bad mood will always choose an unhealthy comfort food. In contrast, those people who are in a good mood will choose healthy foods to eat.

People choose to bake their comfort food as it makes it healthier for them. People tend to associate foods for every situation. There are cases you will miss the taste of that food from the previous occasion you had.  Also, you notice that your mood is changing. You have your cravings for the food. This is because you remember old memories and that’s why you need to have comfort food.

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